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And here is why....

By now you will all be aware that the coronavirus outbreak is now in its seventh month and shows no sign of ending any time soon. The last seven months have proved challenging for all those involved in keeping Barley Mow Village Hall open for business. Between Mid-March and August, other than for a couple of special events, we were effectively closed for business. From September onwards we have only been authorised to allow limited access and only for certain groups. With no sign of the present restrictions being lifted it looks likely that this will be the position for the foreseeable future. We want the village hall to return to something resembling normality but, until such a time as it is safe to do so, the situation is what it is. We continue to operate, on a somewhat limited basis, but the pandemic has, and continues to have, a considerable impact on what we are able to offer and our finances.


We are proposing to host an online Facebook Auction in Mid - November 2020. We presently have almost 600 people who 'like' Barley Mow Village Hall on Facebook and who would be able to bid for the items contained in the auction. Quite possibly a whole lot more if 'the 600' share it widely enough.


This would prove valuable in terms of (a) generating additional income, (b) something that is 'traded income' in nature, (c) something that would be somewhat different to all recent social media posts (either Facebook or BMVH Website) that have mostly been directly related to Covid-19, (d) something in which all groups/members of groups could contribute to and feel part of and (e) something that is of broad interest/ popular.

What are we asking for in terms of help/ support?

We are asking every group, and all the individuals involved in those groups, if they would kindly donate something or things that we could use as auction items. So many of us have unwanted birthday or Christmas presents, things that we no longer want or use, something that you make or perhaps it could be a voucher to access your service free of charge for a session or sessions? If it is a 'thing' that you would consider donating, and as long as it is in 'as new' condition then Barley Mow Village Hall is interested. If there's any doubting what you might consider donating then just think in terms of 'is this something that you think others might be interested in bidding on in an auction?' If the answer is yes then please let us know. If you can bring it/ them into Barley Mow Village Hall then that would be wonderful. If not then we can arrange a collection of anything that will fit in a car. You can contact us via telephone (0191 4105334) or email  at

When do we need auction donations?

If you and/ or your members would be kind enough to donate an item/ items that we are able to include in the Facebook Online Auction then the deadline for these donations is BY NO LATER THAN 1.00 PM SUNDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 2020.

When would the auction take place?

If we get enough suitable donations then we intend to host the Facebook Online Auction on SUNDAY 22ND NOVEMBER 2020.


Barley Mow Village Hall is a community centre that intends to survive the current crisis and emerge from it bigger, better and stronger. But, to do so, we need every single group to kindly make a contribution to this auction and help us to ensure that we are still here for many years to come.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to receiving donations of auction items at your earliest possible convenience.

Kind regards

Andrew Brown-Searle


Barley Mow Village Hall