BARLEY MOW VILLAGE HALL CIO Bedford Avenue, Barley Mow, Birtley, DH3 2AJ Voice mail 0191 410 5334     Email;- We are a charity offering a wide range of activities and access to meeting rooms, large hall and fitted kitchen area for all types of events and pastimes. ABOUT US & ENQUIRIES ROOM/HALL HIRE WHAT’S ON AT BM NEW! Page 7 Page 2 Page 5 BARLEY MOW VILLAGE HALL IS A COVID SAFE COMMUNITY CENTRE

Re-opening of the Hall.  Subject to any current legislation some groups may now begin to return to the hall. Groups should check with their affiliated National associations (if affiliated) to ensure they are following their associations guidance. Non affiliated groups should research publicly available guidance to ascertain their position in regard to returning.

If partaking in permitted activities users of COVID-19 secure community facilities should limit their social interactions with anyone they do not live with. This essentially means partaking in the specific activity you are attending for and avoiding unnecessary social interaction with anyone in the group who is not a family or known member.

It is important for all parties to remain socially distant, if possible 2 metres or 1 metre with actions taken to reduce the risk of transmission (where 2 metres is not viable) between households. For example, use of face coverings and encouraging good hand hygiene on entering premises and throughout the visit. 

On entering and leaving a community facility everyone, including staff, should be asked to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and water or to use hand sanitiser if hand washing facilities are not available.

Track & Trace;- Every customer or visitor should scan the NHS QR code using their NHS COVID-19 app and also provide their name and contact details, to their group organiser.  The group organiser MUST use the BMVH log sheets provided for this purpose and leave them in the COVID Log letter box outside the office at the end of their session.

Please feel free to open windows to increase ventilation but ENSURE that they are all closed correctly at the end of the session.

You can phone 1st to check our opening times on specific days 0191-410-5334

Blood Doner dates and times

November 4th Thursday 09.00-17.00

December 2nd Thursday 09.00-17.00

December 9th Thursday  09.00-17.00

December 23rd Thursday 09.00-17.00

January 2nd Wednesday 2022 09.00-17.00

Check out the activities on our “WHAT’S ON AT BM PAGE! COVID 19 IS NOT OVER

All group leaders must ensure that they fill in a BMVH Log Sheet at every visit detailing the name and telephone contact of every attending member (see advice below)

Please, if you can get vaccinated please do so. Protect yourself and others!

You can also obtain free Lateral Flow Tests by mail at

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It should be noted that the car park at Barley Mow is part of the Barley Mow Village Hall property and as such is a PRIVATE car park.  This car park is intended for staff and visitors to the hall.  If space permits it may be used by visitors to adjacent services such as the Pub and Hairdressers, however long term parking for any other reason is PROHIBITED unless said vehicle and owner has written permission to do so by the Hall. This policy has been necessary due to a number of people using the car park for very long term parking without permission. By Law, the only legal redress we can have in this regard is to ensure the car park is affiliated with a car park company belonging to the National Car Parks Association who are legally able to issue and collect fines to anyone parking in our car park outside the above permissions. Long term parking is defined as “in excess of 24 hours”. Should infringement occur a warning notice will be affixed to the vehicle windscreen and if the vehicle is not moved within 24 hours of the date and time of said notice, a fine will be issued. This policy has been adopted to protect access for our regular users and members of the community.

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If you like our Table Top & Craft Sales, you like  a game of Bingo and you also enjoy some nice, inexpensive food then you'll LOVE THIS!


On Wednesday 20th October 2021 we are pleased to announce a new development here at Barley Mow Village Hall. Our Table Top & Craft Sales have proven popular. Our Bingo Sessions are even more popular. And we're constantly being asked why we don't offer hot food at both. So here's what we're doing....

From WEDNESDAY 20TH OCTOBER 2021 we're combining ALL THREE! And making it a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

Our Table Top & Craft sellers will be situated in the Blue and Yellow Rooms here at Barley Mow Village Hall and will be selling from 10.00am.  Tables for sellers are ONLY £5.00, bookable in advance, and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Then, at 12 Noon, we'll be having a lunchtime game of Bingo with eyes down at 12.30pm! Individual books are ONLY 50 PENCE and we'll be having additional Flyers costing ONLY 25 PENCE!

And, all the while, we'll be selling hot dogs, toasted teacakes and toasties!

Entry to Table Top is still ONLY 50 PENCE with a free cup of tea or coffee!

Entry to Bingo is still ONLY 50 PENCE and, again, with a free cup of tea or coffee!

We're really excited about this new development and hoping that local people support Wonderful Wednesdays @ Barley Mow Village Hall. If you can come along we'd love to see you. And please feel free to bring along a friend or friends too! Plus we would be ever-so-grateful if you can please share this post as widely as possible!

Any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact us. Via telephone (0191 410 5334), email ( or Facebook