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It should be noted that the car park at Barley Mow is part of the Barley Mow Village Hall property and as such is a PRIVATE car park.  This car park is intended for staff and visitors to the hall.  If space permits it may be used by visitors to adjacent services such as the Pub and Hairdressers, however long term parking for any other reason is PROHIBITED unless said vehicle and owner has written permission to do so by the Hall. This policy has been necessary due to a number of people using the car park for very long term parking without permission. By Law, the only legal redress we can have in this regard is to ensure the car park is affiliated with a car park company belonging to the National Car Parks Association who are legally able to issue and collect fines to anyone parking in our car park outside the above permissions. Long term parking is defined as “in excess of 24 hours”. Should infringement occur a warning notice will be affixed to the vehicle windscreen and if the vehicle is not moved within 24 hours of the date and time of said notice, a fine will be issued. This policy has been adopted to protect access for our regular users and members of the community.

SAMPLE of the warning notice

Blood Donor dates and times

All dates on a Thursday

October 13th

November the 3rd

November 10th

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