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LOCK DOWN CLOSURE.  Tier 4 announcement as of midnight 30th December. Barley Mow Village Hall is closed to the public. Due to the announcement today (30th December) we will be in Tier 4 as of midnight. We regret any inconvenience caused to our groups, however, as you will be aware this is a situation which is out of our control.

As far as we are aware at the current time we will still be able to host Blood Doner sessions for the NHS during the period but any other activity is now NOT allowed.

Our employees will be furloughed during this period. Management will revert to the Hall Chairman and Secretary.  If there are any queries please email us at The answerphone will also be monitored.

We hope all our users will stay safe over this challenging period and hope to see you back when we are able to reopen.

Once the reopening date is confirmed via government advice , groups operating prior to Lock Down will be able to gradually return, dependant on group activity within three to four weeks of published advice in regard to their activity.

Blood Doner dates for March and onwards are published below.

Blood Doner dates and times

March 18th Thursday 09.00 - 17.00

March 19th Friday 12.45 - 20.15

March 25th Tuesday 09.00 - 17.00

April 1st Thursday 09.00-17.00

April 23rd Friday 12.45 - 20.15

April 29th Thursday 09.00-17.00

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Many thanks go to everyone who has donated books to the reading room. We are now totally full (in fact overflowing) So we have no option but to say thank you so much, but we cannot accept any more at this time due to lack of storage space. We hope many of you will use this great community resource when we reopen in April. Andy Brown-Searle (Chairman BMVH)